Canada Taxback

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The most affordable taxback service on the Internet
Canadian tax returns starting from $20

  • Did you work in Canada under an IEC*?​

    *International Experience Program: Working Holiday, Young Professional, International Co-Op

  • Are you back in your home country?​

  • Do you need help with the Canadian tax return?​

    Then you've come to the right place. Canadataxback can help

Why Canadataxback?

  • Affordable taxback service in Canada

  • Helping IEC Work and Travellers since 2014

  • Over $2,000,000 in taxes claimed back

  • FREE taxback calculation

  • Fastest reply within 48 hours

  • 5% service fee per tax return

  • Max. $60 fee, no matter how much the refund will be

  • Owing taxes? The flat fee for the tax return is only $20

Why so cheap? Where's the catch?

No catch. Easy explanation: Canadataxback wants you to keep more money in your pocket

  • Competitive option

    The main goal is to provide an affordable taxback option for IEC participants in Canada who returned to their home country

  • We share the work with you fifty/fifty

    We prepare the tax return paperwork, you sign and send it in

  • No fancy website you have to pay for

    We save money on expensive web design so we can offer you affordable taxback service fees

  • No other employees you have to pay for

    No other locations no other employees, just a one on one personal support

  • We do not access your own money

    You personally will receive the government cheque and cash it right into your own bank account

Easy peasy - Steps to your Canada Taxback

  • Request your free tax calculation

    You fill out the SSL-secured form and receive a free calculation within 48 hours. Then you can decide if you want to use the taxback service.

  • Further documentation needed

    If you decide to use the taxback service, you provide further documentation and identification needed for the tax return paperwork.

  • Get your tax return and send it off

    You receive an invoice and pay the fees. After payment, you will receive a password-secured PDF with the tax return. You print, sign the tax return and send it to the CRA via post. Mailing address will be provided.

  • Wait for your money

    Within the processing time of 4 months you personally will receive the taxback cheque from the CRA. You cash the cheque in your home country straight into your own bank account.